What are the Pros and Cons of couples playing in the same team?

Pros and Cons of couples playing in the same team

  • You have the opportunity to do something fun and useful as a couple
  • You exercise and play sports to get healthy as a couple
  • You encourage each other and protect each other during the game
  • You make common friend with the same passion quickly
  • You save on transportation costs by driving together to and from the field
  • You learn more about each other in a setting where you interact with other people in a physical and challenging way.
  • Playing as a couple can increase your winning mentality and increase your "fair play" attitude.
  • All the above advantage strengthen the relationship of couples who play together in the same team.

Cons: #Sport #inRealTimeNow
  • Playing as a couple in the same team can hinder your  ability to be yourself  by trying hard to not embarrass your partner.
  • You might not enjoy the game as much  because you always try to protect your partner by having an eye on him or her at all times.
  • If you are going through a hard time in your couple, you might be tempted to stop going to the game together and it might affect your participation and reduce your enjoyment of the game.

To Conclude: There are more advantages than disadvantages to play amateur team sports as a couple. By experience, couple who play team sports together in the same team are very successful, have a very strong relationship and are very fair play and easy going in life in general.
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