Comprehensive list of best places to play amateur co-ed drop in soccer in New York

The amateur soccer landscape in New York is highly competitive and diverse, with a large number of participants and a wide range of opportunities for players of all ages and skill levels. There are several amateur leagues for both children and adults, including recreational and competitive leagues, as well as pick-up games and drop-in programs. New York is also home to several professional soccer clubs and organizations that offer training and development opportunities for players, as well as indoor and outdoor facilities for practicing and playing the sport. The city's large and diverse population, along with its strong tradition of supporting amateur sports, creates a supportive and inclusive environment for amateur soccer players in New York. Additionally, the city's reputation as a hub for culture and entertainment attracts many talented players and coaches, further elevating the level of competition in the amateur soccer scene.

You are in New York and you have a sudden urge to play the beautiful game of soccer. What do you do? We love the game, we asked ourselves those questions and we have compiled and reviewed all the best and reliable places to play pick up or drop in soccer in New York. We have curated the best places in New York where you can just show up and play a good game of soccer or football with no strings attached. In this blog, we answer the following questions:

  • Where to drop in and play soccer, football, futsal, futbol, footy, pelada, kickabout in New York?
  • Where to play european football in New York?
  • What are the best places to show up and play soccer or football in New York?
  • What are all the best and reliable Drop in Soccer Games in New York area
  • Where to play amateur co-ed drop in soccer in New York and Manhattan area?
  • What are the Top 10 best places to play soccer in New York City?
Where to play Amateur Co-Ed Drop in or Pick Up Soccer in New York, Manhattan area
Web Site
Description Comments
ShowUpAndPlay - NewYork Play, Host Pick Up Soccer Games, Post soccer events, Find Players to play with for Free Free open platform to play, host soccer games
Cadman Plaza, Brooklyn Saturday mornings at 8am Good turnout, all skills level
The playground at 4th Ave and 3rd, in Park Slope, Brooklyn Evenings, Week ends All skills level
McCarren Park, Williamsburg Brooklyn Evenings, Week ends All skills level
Sarah Roosevelt Park, Manhattan, at Hester and Chrystie Evenings, Week ends All skills level
Prospect Park, Brooklyn There are several games happening on Sunday afternoons All skills level
Prospect Park, Brooklyn Chelsea Piers, 23rd and West Side Highway Depending on when you play, you may be required to be in a rec league All skills level
Central Park Anyone can drop in and play. All skills level, the quality is not very good.
East River Park Can be reserved for youth/league games on weekend mornings but fun to kick around on the pitch. Can usually find some people there to join. All skills levels, Good games
Pier 40 at Hudson River Park One of the best, huge location right on the Hudson with plenty of fields ranging from ground-level to rooftop. While leagues do play here often, I rarely had trouble finding space to kick around. I also joined a casual league that rented space every Monday night a couple years back and it was affordable and great fun (upwards of 7v7 on occasion)! Good quality, Good turn out
Sarah Delano Roosevelt Park Prime location on the Lower East Side. Oftentimes in the evening you see organized games or a pick-up game in progress. Just one field but it is nice. I've yet to try it out myself but it is definitely worth consideration! Nice field, good games.
De Witt Clinton Park Park nestled in Hell’s Kitchen. Great weeknight games . Above average skills level, Week night games are the best
CoEd Soccer at East River Park in NYC Saturday Mornings at 10:45am RSVP via meetup group Good games, well organized
Columbus Circle Indoor Soccer League and Scrimmages NYC
132 W 60th St  New York, NY 10023
Mon-Wed-Thur 06:30pm - Join meetup group and RSVP to play Well organized, by RSVP only
Gotham Soccer League
Ph: 646-586-5800 Email
Soccer, Football, League, Year round Good quality, well organized
Open Soccer in New York - Field House at Chelsea Piers
Ph: 212-336-6500 Email
Open Soccer, Drop in Soccer, Daily - Call to confirm Good quality, well organized

Pick up Soccer at East River Park

FDR and Houston  New York, NY 10001

Pick up Soccer at Pier 40 Soccer Fields

Email (40.74, -74.01) 216 Chrystie St (Between Rivington and Stanton)  New York, NY 10014

Pick up Soccer at Sara D. Roosevelt Park

Email (40.71, -73.99) 216 Chrystie St (Between Rivington and Stanton)  New York, NY 10002

Pick up Soccer for Charity at Randalls Island Sunken Meadow Fields (90-91)

Email (40.78, -73.93) Randall's Island Urban Farm Wards Meadow Loop  New York, NY 10035

Pick Up Soccer - CoEd Soccer at Hudson Beach Cafe in NYC

Fridays at 02:30pm (40.84, -73.95) Riverside Park  New York, NY 10032

Pick Up Soccer @ Frederick Douglas Park

Sundays 07:45am - 08:45am-10:45am (40.8, -73.97) Amsterdam Ave & W 102nd St  New York, NY 10025

Pick Up Soccer at Annunciation Park

Saturday 08:45 - 09:45 - 10:45am (40.82, -73.95) Amsterdam Ave & W 135th St  New York, NY 10031

Pick Up Soccer at Central Park (North Meadow)

Email (40.79, -73.95) 97th to 102nd Street  New York, NY 10029

Pick Up Soccer at Central Park North Meadow

Times vary depending on field availability. Ideally - early mornings during weekdays - afternoons (40.79, -73.96) 5th Ave & 97th St Transverse  New York, NY 10029

Pickup Soccer for Charity at Jewish Center

Email (40.79, -73.97) 131 W 86th St  New York, NY 10024