What are the characteristics of best sport cameras?

characteristics of best indoor sport cameras Quality sports photography come down to how good the cameras focusing system is and whether you want to shoot inside or out. When shooting indoor with not good enough lighting it can be a struggle to keep the shutter speed high enough and still have usable ISO with the lens in it’s sharpest range. The D3S camera is phenomenal for sports along with the Nikon 80–200 f2.8D. On certain sports where you can use 2 cameras (like Basketball) one for long and one for close, you can also use a Nikon D7100 which is adequate in low light. Push both of these cameras to 2500 - 3200 ISO if needed.
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Below are the most important features for sport cameras:
  1. Resolution and FPS (frames per second). There are a lot of cameras out there that do 4K at 30fps and 2.7K resolution at 60fps. Lower resolutions are a given. 60fps at 4K isn’t available yet in sports cameras, but you could look at the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II if you want a larger camera.
  2. Ways to mount the camera. Make certain to look into this before you start
  3. Cost (unless you want to best camera beyond any cost).
  4. Does the camera do Slo-mo and do you want slo-mo for your movies?
  5. Battery life
  6. Recording media and recording time. Most are SD cards, but look at the maximum GB size SD card that is supported by the camera you are investigating.
  7. Accessories, such as mounts and cables for connecting directly to your TV.
  8. If you are trying to make action camera out of your mobile camera, here is a way:
    • You need proper protection gears for your phone, along with the accessories that support holding your mobile on any surface.
    • You may also need a wide angle lens adapter to attach it to your mobile, as all action camera's provided with the least focal length, which makes the photos go wider.
    • But remember, the quality of the images or the videos may not be up to the mark. Since adapter lenses do not provide good quality images or videos.
  9. Nikon D750 has good high ISO noise performance. What it means is that in low light, acceptable images can be had by raising the ISO.
  10. Bridge cameras and entry level dSLR cameras are challenged by sports photography because the processors are slow and there are either limited phase detection AF points or contrast detection (slow focus) is used. That said there are likely settings you can use to improve the performance of the AF to the limits of the camera.

What are the best camera lenses for sports?

    For indoor sports, 3 lenses (Canon):
  1. 300mm f/2.8: The 300mm is a stunning lens, incredibly sharp with fast and accurate focus. One of the great features is a focus preset. A twist of a ring and the focus goes there instantaneously. Fantastic for instances when an athlete will be behind a cluster of wires and focus will want to grab on these instead of the athlete.
  2. 200mm f/2.0 : The 200 is nearly as good but is a slightly older lens design and not quite as sharp. Still the differences are hardly noticeable in the results. The optical quality on the f/2 build is outstanding.
  3. 135mm f/2.0: The 135 f/2 is a very compact lens compared to the others. It is a steal at current costs. It doesn't focus as fast as the other two lenses but it isn't a slouch either. Great lens.
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